[Jastadd] Problem with latest change to JastAdd2

From: Eric Bodden <bodden_at_st.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de>
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2011 16:29:45 +0200

Dear JastAdders.

A few days ago "jesper" updated the code base to use JastAdd2. (change
set to revision 9146) Since then, I am seeing a lot of compile errors
in the generated Java code, due to missing expressions in
conditionals. For instance, Expr.java contains this method:

  protected void
contributeTo_CFGNode_CFGNode_collPred(SmallSet<CFGNode> collection) {

As you can see, the if()-statement is missing its expression. All the
buggy code seems to be related to "contributes" statements such as:

        Expr contributes this to CFGNode.collPred() for each succ();

(By the way: This feature is still unknown to me. Is there any
documentation about what "contributes" does?)

I would appreciate if you could let me know if I am missing something
or if there is just something wrong with the current version of
JastAdd and thus this issue is beyond my control?

Best wishes,
Dr. Eric Bodden, http://bodden.de/
Principal Investigator in Secure Services at CASED
Coordinator of the CASED Advisory Board of Study Affairs
PostDoc at Software Technology Group, Technische Universität Darmstadt
Tel: +49 6151 16-5478    Fax: +49 6151 16-5410
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