[Jastadd] RagDoll Updates

From: Jesper qvist <jesper.oqvist_at_cs.lth.se>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 17:17:18 +0100

Hello JastAdders,
I've been working on some improvements to the RagDoll documentation tool
for JastAdd2. Notable improvements are:

* AST production is included in the node type documentation.
* The -linksource option now also works with .jrag, .jadd and .ast files
(which makes it possible to click e.g. the name of an attribute to look
at the attribute declaration).
* The layout has changed since the last version. Things should be less
cluttered now.

I noticed that I was always trying deduce the production of AST node
types through looking at their constructors. Having the productions
directly in the documentation helped me a lot, and I hope others find it
equally useful.

There is a demo of the generated documentation at http://doc.llbit.se/ -
generated from JastAddJ7 backend using the latest versions of both
RagDoll and JastAdd2.

The latest version of JastAdd2 is required to use all features of
RagDoll. Unfortunately it is still incompatible with some JastAdd
projects. If you are only interested in the latest .jar files for
RagDoll and JatAdd2, they can be fetched using these two commands:

svn export -r 623 --username anonymous --password anonymous
svn export -r 623 --username anonymous --password anonymous

There is a README file in the RagDoll repository
(http://svn.cs.lth.se/svn/jastadd/trunk/RagDoll/) with a few usage

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