Re: [Jastadd] Repeated non-compatible code changes

From: Görel Hedin <>
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2012 13:44:43 +0100

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your input. I understand your frustration!

We are currently working with getting a better test framework in place. It takes a bit time though, because we all have so many other things to do!

One thing we plan to do is to introduce a stable branch with less frequent updates and that includes the necessary documentation. Once that is in place, you might consider switching to that branch for JastAddJ.

We are also planning to add testing of 3rd party tools to our nightly tests. This way, we could test your code on our experimental versions before releasing to stable.

Meanwhile, you of course need better information about our changes. And perhaps we could be more restrictive with certain changes until the stable branch is in place. We'll discuss some measures and get back to you later this week. Thanks for the info about your mailing list - that should certainly help.


7 mar 2012 kl. 12.28 skrev Eric Bodden:

> Hi all.
> As some of you probably know by now, we are having a nightly build
> process for the abc compiler and some of its related projects,
> including JastAdd. During the past few weeks it has happened
> repeatedly that there were non-compatible code changes in JastAdd,
> such as renaming of AST nodes etc. The way this currently works
> (without announcement, without a change log and without instructions
> on how to adapt to the new structure), this can be pretty annoying for
> projects like ours, as we need to spend a lot of time to figure out
> how to update our client code to make it work again.
> Of course I know that changes are necessary to keep the system up to
> date, but I would appreciate if we could find some solution that would
> allow "clients" like us to update their code base quickly according to
> those changes. This could be as simple as writing appropriate
> instructions in the commit logs or something more elaborate. In
> addition, there is a mailing list that JastAdd maintainers could
> subscribe to:
> This list receives nightly result emails from our integrated build. An
> example email from last night is attached.
> I wonder what would be your take on this.
> Best wishes,
> Eric
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