[Jastadd] [Q] undocumented features of JastAdd

From: Na, Hyunik <hina_at_kaist.ac.kr>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 13:58:34 +0900

Hello JastAdd developers,


I found the following line in the declaration of "interface GenericTypeDecl"
in Java1.5Frontend/Generics.jrag


           sons BodyDecl:BodyDecl* TypeParameter:TypeVariable*


of which I could only guess the meaning.

"sons" seems to be an undocumented feature of JastAdd.

(There is no explanation in the reference manual
http://jastadd.org/web/documentation/reference-manual.php )


In addition, refined() used in a refine clause and childIndex (e.g. ones
used in TypeDecl.getBodyDecl().enclosingInstance() in

seem to be predefined keywords in JastAdd, but they are not explained in the

Though the meanings of refined() and childIndex are rather clear from the

I think it would be better to explain them in the manual.




- Hyunik
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