[Jastadd] Expr, Stmt and coll attributes

From: Patrick Lam <p.lam_at_ece.uwaterloo.ca>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 00:19:33 -0700


Thanks for the work on JastAdd. It makes certain things a lot easier to

Using code from SVN, I'm encountering something strange.

In particular I'm using r9236 of the Java1.4Frontend, and I'm trying to
use def() from the IntraFlow extension. But I can reproduce the problem
with the following two lines:

   coll SmallSet CFGNode.cdd() [emptySmallSet().mutable()] with add root
   VarAccess contributes decl() when isDest() to CFGNode.cdd() for this;

I'm not getting any contributions from VarAccess with a simple method
like this one:

class Foo {
   public Foo fob() {
     Foo tt, rr;
     tt = this;
     rr = tt;
     return rr;

def() from JavaDeadAssigns doesn't seem to work right either; it only
catches VariableDeclaration and not VarAccess.

In particular, if I collect on Stmt, then I get a bunch of
contributions. But if I collect on Expr or any descendant, I get
nothing. Am I doing something wrong?


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