Re: [Jastadd] Expr, Stmt and coll attributes

From: Emma Söderberg <>
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2012 10:08:32 +0100

Hi Patrick,

The behavior you get depends on the definition of, for example, cdd():

coll SmallSet CFGNode.cdd() [emptySmallSet().mutable()] with add root Stmt;
VarAccess contributes deck() when isDest() to CFGNode.cdd() for this;

If you change the contribution part to:

VarAccess contributes deck() when isDest() to CFGNode.cdd() for

You get contributions to, for example, ExprStmt. The enclosingStmt() is
declared in JastAddJ/Java1.4Frontend/TypeAnalysis.jrag. If you were to
define it again, or something similar, your could do:

inh Stmt Expr.enclosingStmt();
eq Stmt.getChild().enclosingStmt() = this;
// and then you need some kind of default behavior for expressions
outside of statements, you could do this:
eq Program.getChild().enclosingStmt() = null;
// or this:
eq Program.getChild().enclosingStmt() = throw new Error("Expression has
no enclosing statement");

Hope this helps.


On 03/23/2012 06:26 PM, Patrick Lam wrote:
> Hi Emma,
> Thanks for the quick reply.
> I can successfully run your example, and I do see that Expr gets the
> cdd() value. However, I don't see any propagation from Expr to the
> containing Stmt. (I'm working on adding a rule to manually propagate
> it, but I haven't managed to get that working yet).
> I changed the example so that it prints out the def() and cdd() sets
> for Stmts instead, and they are set for the VariableDeclaration
> statements, but not for the ExprStmts, which is what I'm trying to
> compute.
> Wouldn't one normally want to know about the variables that are
> defined at a Stmt level, not at an Expr level?
> pat
> On 03/23/2012 05:51 AM, Emma Söderberg wrote:
>> Hi Patrick,
>> I have trouble reproducing your problem. Which revision of the IntraFlow
>> module are you using? I'm using r769, and then r9236 for the JastAddJ
>> frontend. I tested to run your example but I get contributions for all
>> roots: BodyDecl, Stmt and Expr. I'm attaching the example so that you
>> can compare. The example program ("") will print the
>> content of "cdd()" and "def()" for expression nodes in methods. Hope
>> this helps.
>> Regards,
>> Emma
>> On 03/23/2012 08:19 AM, Patrick Lam wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Thanks for the work on JastAdd. It makes certain things a lot easier
>>> to express.
>>> Using code from SVN, I'm encountering something strange.
>>> In particular I'm using r9236 of the Java1.4Frontend, and I'm trying
>>> to use def() from the IntraFlow extension. But I can reproduce the
>>> problem with the following two lines:
>>> coll SmallSet CFGNode.cdd() [emptySmallSet().mutable()] with add root
>>> BodyDecl;
>>> VarAccess contributes decl() when isDest() to CFGNode.cdd() for this;
>>> I'm not getting any contributions from VarAccess with a simple method
>>> like this one:
>>> class Foo {
>>> public Foo fob() {
>>> Foo tt, rr;
>>> tt = this;
>>> rr = tt;
>>> return rr;
>>> }
>>> }
>>> def() from JavaDeadAssigns doesn't seem to work right either; it only
>>> catches VariableDeclaration and not VarAccess.
>>> In particular, if I collect on Stmt, then I get a bunch of
>>> contributions. But if I collect on Expr or any descendant, I get
>>> nothing. Am I doing something wrong?
>>> Thanks!
>>> pat
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