Re: [Jastadd] [bug report] need to refine ConstructorDecl.flags() too

From: Jesper qvist <>
Date: Fri, 04 May 2012 17:41:15 +0200

You seem to be correct that the ACC_VARARGS flag is missing, but is
there any way to test this? It seems the flag is not used by the JVM,
it's just supposed to be there.

Anyway I have committed a fix for this (svn revision 9263), but it would
be nice to be able to write a test case for it.


On 04/29/2012 12:17 PM, Na, Hyunik wrote:
> Hello JastAddJ developers,
> MethodDecl.flags() is refined in VariableArityParametersCodegen.jrag
> in Java1.5Backend for the variable arity cases.
> ConstructorDecl.flags() should be refined in the same way, which is
> not the case in JastAddJ rev. 9238.
> - Hyunik.
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