[Jastadd] [Q] Using JastAddJ in Ant script

From: Na, Hyunik <hina_at_kaist.ac.kr>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 17:45:14 +0900

Hello JastAddJ users,


I need to build several benchmark programs using JastAddJ (actually, using
my extension of JastAddJ).

As a first attempt, I'm trying to build jfreechart

As usual for java programs, jfreechart's build script is an ant script, and
I need to modify the build.xml

so that the build procedure use JastAddJ instead of javac.


Perhaps, I have to replace javac tasks with something else like java or exec

(Yes, I'm not so familiar with ant.)

What is your usual way of using JastAddJ in ant scripts? Using a custom task
for JastAddJ ? (if any)

or just using built-in tasks such as java or exec ?



- Hyunik
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