Re: [Jastadd] Problem with package-name clashes

From: Jesper qvist <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 15:54:23 +0100

I think that Soot might be using an older version of JastAddJ and that
this bug has been fixed already.

The bug sounds familiar though I have not found it yet in the bug tracker.

I compiled the code you sent using the Java 5 and Java 7 backends. I did
not try to run only semantic analysis, so I will try that.


On 01/10/2013 03:36 PM, Eric Bodden wrote:
> Hello.
>> The example project compiles fine with JastAddJ. I tried with the latest
>> version and the Java 5 and 7 backends.
> I guess you mean "Java 5 and 7 frontends"?
> Hmm this is odd.
>> Do you know what version of JastAddJ your soot uses?
> I am pretty sure it uses Java 5. Let me check again...
> Eric
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