[Jastadd] New release of JastAdd2!

From: Jesper qvist <jesper.oqvist_at_cs.lth.se>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 13:58:02 +0200

Hello JastAdders,

A new version of JastAdd2 is now available at

We've been moving our development repository to Git, and are currently
using Bitbucket for public hosting and issue tracking. You can find the
Bitbucket repository for JastAdd2 at
https://bitbucket.org/jastadd/jastadd2 . The contact page
(http://jastadd.org/web/contact.php) has been updated with information
pertaining to reporting bugs or requesting features in JastAdd.

Below is a summary of changes in JastAdd2 since the last release:

* Added option for indentation type in the JastAdd Ant Task
* Moved JastAdd main class to the package org.jastadd (but left a
deprecated class with the same name as a working entry point for
backward compatibility)
* Removed global static variables to allow concurrent JastAdd instances
in the same JVM
* Added JastAdd entry points that allow custom output/error streams

Error handling:
* Help text is printed to the standard out stream rather than the
standard error stream
* Improved error handling for missing equations of synthesized
attributes: now only the minimum set of classes requiring an equation is

* Minimum list size now only affects list nodes (previously also
affected Opt nodes)
* It is now possible to specify a custom minimum list size with the
minListSize option

/The JastAdd Team
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