[Jastadd] JastAdd2 version 2.1.1 released!

From: Jesper qvist <jesper.oqvist_at_cs.lth.se>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 17:08:48 +0200

Hello JastAdders,

JastAdd2 version 2.1.1 is now available at

Most notable for this release is the shiny new version number! We're
going to be using three-part version numbers from now on for JastAdd2.
Previous releases will keep their old version numbers.

The new version numbers consists of three parts: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. For
this release the major version is 2 (from JastAdd2), the minor version
is 1 to indicate that we've added some functionality recently (merged
Emma's incremental evaluation), and the patch version is 1 to indicate
that this is a bugfix release. Next release will likely be 2.1.2 if we
do not add major new features.

Notable Changes

Version 2.1.1 generates a new list constructor. If you already add this
list constructor manually in an aspect then you can now remove it. It is
a convenience constructor that takes a variable number of list elements
to initialize the list with!

Also new in 2.1.1 is a much improved equation analysis for inherited
attributes which for some projects can find previously unreported
missing inherited attribute equations!

Change Log

Below is a summary of changes since version R20130412:


* Fixed error that could cause `fullCopy` to initialize NTA children with
   incorrect child indices.
* The JastAdd Ant Task now throws a BuildException if JastAdd failed to
   generate an AST instead of silently terminating the Ant build.
* Fixed potential null access in generated code.


* Added a new List constructor that takes a variable number of children and
   inserts them into the list.
* Improved analysis and error handling of inherited attributes.
* JastAdd2 now uses a new version numbering system.

Happy hacking,
The JastAdd Team
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