[Jastadd] JastAdd2 version 2.1.5 released!

From: Jesper qvist <jesper.oqvist_at_cs.lth.se>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 15:10:00 +0200

Hello JastAdders,

JastAdd2 version 2.1.5 is now available at

/Team JastAdd

  JastAdd2 Release Notes

    2.1.5 - 2013-09-17

      Tracing & Caching


    Added support for static configuration of tracer events via
    the|--tracing|flag. The flag can now be given a comma separated list
    of event categories to be generated. Accepted values
    are|compute|,|cache|,|rewrite|,|circular|, and|copy|. All events are
    generated by default.


    Added support for a|--cache|flag taking one of the following
    values:|all|,|none|,|config|,|implicit|, and|analyze|. This flag
    provides a global cache configuration, replacing local configuration
    with the|lazy|keyword. The|config|and|implicit|values use
    a|.config|file to provide a cache configuration on attribute level.
    The|analyze|value uses tracing together with full caching to analyze
    caching behavior and to compute a cache configuration via


    The Ant task|jastadd.JastAddTask|now prints a deprecation warning.
    The classname|org.jastadd.JastAddTask|should be used instead.

      Command-line Interface


    JastAdd now requires at least one grammar file (.ast) given on the
    command line.


    If there is any problem in the JastAdd configuration, JastAdd no
    longer prints the full help text. A single line is printed
    describing how to get more help. This avoids the problem of the help
    text drowning out error messages.


    Undeprecated the|--visitCheck|option (will replace|--noVisitCheck|in
    the future by adding a boolean argument)


    Undeprecated the|--cacheCycle|option (will replace|--noCacheCycle|in
    the future by adding boolean argument)
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