Re: [Jastadd] Problem with latest change to JastAdd2

From: Emma Söderberg <>
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 10:57:46 +0200


>> I'm looking into the same problem. The support for not including a "when"
>> part in a "contributes" clause must have disappeared at some point. The code
>> in the ControlFlowGraph module Eric is using has those kinds of contributes
>> clauses. I'm adding a test case to the jastadd2 test suite to catch this.
> Just to let you know: I found quite a few usages of this feature, also
> in Max Schäfer's refactoring package. How must code that uses "when"
> be refactored to get the same effect without "when"?
Its likely that modules/packages developed after collection attributes
were added to
jastadd will use this feature - both with and without a when part. The
reason that this
problem occurred now is due to some recent restructuring of the
internal API of jastadd
where a null check now needs to be a string length check. The reason
this wasn't caught
earlier is because we were missing a test case for this and that we only
used JastAddJ as a
regression test. Both of these things have now been dealt with: we've
added tests to the
jastadd test suite and added the control flow module to the regression
tests. The refactoring
package is likely to use the same features as the control flow module,
but maybe we should
include that as well.

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