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From: Na, Hyunik <hina_at_kaist.ac.kr>
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 19:54:35 +0900

Ooops, I posted with a wrong title, sorry.



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Hi there,


I’m a CS graduate student studying programming languages,

and I’m thinking about using JastAddJ to implement an extended type system
for Java language.

( JastAddJ looks quite nice for my purpose. )


To see how well current JastAddJ compiler works, I did the following quick



I downloaded OpenJDK 6 source code from
http://download.java.net/openjdk/jdk6/, and built it on my Linux machine.

( It was built in the directory
/home/hina/myWork/research/openjdk-, which is henceforth
referred to as $OPENJDK_HOME. )

Because, JDK1.6 has no language level changes from JDK1.5, I expected
JastAddJ can compile .java source files in OpenJDK1.6.



I copied some .java files from $OPENJDK_HOME/jdk/src/share/classes and from

to another directory (let’s call it $LOCAL).

And compiled the .java files one by one with javac and verified that

they are well compiled with javac (from Sun JDK 1.6.0) using the following
simple shell script.

( I should confess that I’m still not good at using ant. )




for i in $(find . -name *.java)


  echo "### compiling $i"

  javac -bootclasspath .:./build:/$OPENJDK_HOME/build/linux-i586/classes
-extdirs . -cp . -d build $i

  echo "### result = $?, compiling $i"





Then, I got 7638 .java files which are well compiled with javac.



Then, I tried to compile the .java files with JastAddJ with the following

shell script which is almost the same as the above one.




for i in $(find . -name *.java)


  echo "### compiling $i"

  java -cp /home/hina/install/JastAddJ/Java1.5Backend JavaCompiler
-bootclasspath .:./build:$OPENJDK_HOME/build/linux-i586/classes -extdirs .
-classpath . -d build $i

  echo "### result = $?, compiling $i"





Then, I found that 1039 .java files are well compiled, but that 6599 files
are not.



Fortunately, the error messages are divided into only 3 types,

so I guess that I can compile them all if I figure out the causes of 3 types
of errors.

Because I’m planning to work seriously with JastAddJ, I have to understand
it thoroughly.

So, figuring out the causes of errors will be a good exercise for me.

But, I guess that this result and the three types of errors can be
interesting for JastAddJ developers.


The first type of error occurred only when I compiled

The message says




… (many warnings about deprecated features.)



  Semantic Error: new Builder() {

          private volatile boolean getCalled;

          private IOException oldException;

          private final PrivilegedExceptionAction<KeyStore> action = new
PrivilegedExceptionAction<KeyStore>() {

              public KeyStore run() throws Exception {

                KeyStore ks;

                if(provider == null) {

                  ks = KeyStore.getInstance(type);


                else {

                  ks = KeyStore.getInstance(type, provider);


                LoadStoreParameter param = new

                if(protection instanceof CallbackHandlerProtection == false)



                else {

                  int tries = 0;



                    try {


                      break ;


                    catch (IOException e) {

                      if(e.getCause() instanceof UnrecoverableKeyException)

                        if(tries < MAX_CALLBACK_TRIES) {

                          continue ;


                        else {

                          oldException = e;



                      throw e;




                getCalled = true;

                return ks;



          public synchronized KeyStore getKeyStore() throws
KeyStoreException {

            if(oldException != null) {

              throw new KeyStoreException("Previous KeyStore instantiation
failed", oldException);


            try {

              return AccessController.doPrivileged(action);


            catch (PrivilegedActionException e) {

              Throwable cause = e.getCause();

              throw new KeyStoreException("KeyStore instantiation failed",



          public ProtectionParameter getProtectionParameter(String alias) {

            if(alias == null) {

              throw new NullPointerException();


            if(getCalled == false) {

              throw new IllegalStateException("getKeyStore() must be called


            return protection;


      } may throw uncaught exception java.io.IOException; it must be caught
or declared as being thrown




The second type of error messages occurred for 6370 .java files, and say,
for example,




### compiling ./java/lang/Void.java ( This is from my shell script )

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Expected : but found

  at AST.Signatures.error(Signatures.java:53)

  at AST.Signatures.eat(Signatures.java:46)

  at AST.Signatures.classBound(Signatures.java:213)

  at AST.Signatures.formalTypeParameter(Signatures.java:199)

  at AST.Signatures.formalTypeParameters(Signatures.java:189)

  at AST.Signatures$MethodSignature.methodTypeSignature(Signatures.java:133)

  at AST.Signatures$MethodSignature.<init>(Signatures.java:129)

  at AST.Attributes$MethodAttributes.processAttribute(Attributes.java:186)

  at AST.Attributes.attributes(Attributes.java:55)

  at AST.Attributes$MethodAttributes.<init>(Attributes.java:173)

  at AST.MethodInfo.<init>(MethodInfo.java:52)

  at AST.BytecodeParser.parseMethods(BytecodeParser.java:531)

  at AST.BytecodeParser.parse(BytecodeParser.java:329)

  at AST.BytecodeParser.read(BytecodeParser.java:21)

  at AST.PathPart.getCompilationUnit(PathPart.java:109)

  at AST.Program.getCompilationUnit(Program.java:257)

  at AST.Program.lookupType_compute(Program.java:1304)

  at AST.Program.lookupType(Program.java:1285)

  at AST.Program.Define_TypeDecl_lookupType(Program.java:1779)

  at AST.ASTNode.Define_TypeDecl_lookupType(ASTNode.java:1588)

  at AST.CompilationUnit.lookupType(CompilationUnit.java:926)



  at AST.ASTNode.Define_SimpleSet_lookupType(ASTNode.java:1594)

  at AST.TypeDecl.lookupType(TypeDecl.java:6893)

  at AST.TypeDecl.Define_SimpleSet_lookupType(TypeDecl.java:7435)

  at AST.ASTNode.Define_SimpleSet_lookupType(ASTNode.java:1594)

  at AST.ASTNode.Define_SimpleSet_lookupType(ASTNode.java:1594)

  at AST.ASTNode.Define_SimpleSet_lookupType(ASTNode.java:1594)

  at AST.AbstractDot.Define_SimpleSet_lookupType(AbstractDot.java:915)

  at AST.Expr.lookupType(Expr.java:1279)

  at AST.AmbiguousAccess.rewriteRule0(AmbiguousAccess.java:268)

  at AST.AmbiguousAccess.rewriteTo(AmbiguousAccess.java:253)

  at AST.ASTNode.getChild(ASTNode.java:752)

  at AST.ASTNode.getChild(ASTNode.java:731)

  at AST.Dot.getLeft(Dot.java:170)

  at AST.AbstractDot.leftSide_compute(AbstractDot.java:569)

  at AST.AbstractDot.leftSide(AbstractDot.java:563)

  at AST.Dot.rewriteTo(Dot.java:211)

  at AST.ASTNode.getChild(ASTNode.java:752)

  at AST.ASTNode.getChild(ASTNode.java:731)

  at AST.FieldDeclaration.getInit(FieldDeclaration.java:646)

  at AST.FieldDeclaration.typeCheck(FieldDeclaration.java:292)

  at AST.ASTNode.collectErrors(ASTNode.java:291)

  at AST.ASTNode.collectErrors(ASTNode.java:298)

  at AST.ASTNode.collectErrors(ASTNode.java:298)

  at AST.ASTNode.collectErrors(ASTNode.java:298)

  at AST.ASTNode.collectErrors(ASTNode.java:298)

  at AST.CompilationUnit.errorCheck(CompilationUnit.java:174)

  at AST.Frontend.process(Frontend.java:65)

  at JavaCompiler.compile(JavaCompiler.java:19)

  at JavaCompiler.main(JavaCompiler.java:14)

### result = 1, compiling ./java/lang/Void.java




The strings after the “but found ;>” and the call stacks vary for source

(Therefore, it is possible that they are not due to a single bug. )


The third type of error messages occurred for the remaining 228 source

and are almost the same as the second one, but says

“… Expected ; but found …” instead of “… Expected : but found …”

(that is, semicolons instead of colons).


If the above phenomena are caused due to my mistakes, please let me know.


Thank you.


-- Hyunik



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