Re: [Jastadd] Testing JastAddJ

From: Na, Hyunik <>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 05:07:32 +0900

Hello Jesper,

> I have seen the second error message. I solved that by removing all
> *.class files and compiling all *.java files at once using the _at_<file>
> option to provide the list of *.java files.

Probably, you meant 'detoured around' rather than 'solved'.

> I do not know if there is an error in the bytecode generation, or only the bytecode parsing of JastAddJ.
> I added a ticket for this error when I noticed it and continued without
> more investigation.

At least, bytecode generation seems to have some problems.

While I use javac in compiling the 7638 java files in the "one-by-one" fashion and with -verbose option,
if I put the class files produced by Java7Backend (revision 9178)
in the foremost part of the boot class path, then I encounter many error messages from javac, such as


### compiling ./org/jcp/xml/dsig/internal/
[parsing started ./org/jcp/xml/dsig/internal/]
[parsing completed 122ms]
[search path for source files: .]
[search path for class files: ../byjastaddj/build,.,./build,/home/hina/myWork/research/openjdk-,.]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/ByteArrayInputStream.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/InputStream.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/OutputStream.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/security/MessageDigest.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/util/logging/Logger.class]
[loading ./java/util/logging/]
[parsing started ./java/util/logging/]
[parsing completed 14ms]
[loading ./com/sun/org/apache/xml/internal/security/utils/]
[parsing started ./com/sun/org/apache/xml/internal/security/utils/]
[parsing completed 3ms]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/Closeable.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/lang/Object.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/Flushable.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/ByteArrayOutputStream.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/util/ResourceBundle.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/Serializable.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/util/ArrayList.class]
./java/util/logging/ cannot access java.util.ArrayList
bad class file: ../byjastaddj/build/java/util/ArrayList.class
bad signature: ^H^_at_ยด^A^@^H, S
Please remove or make sure it appears in the correct subdirectory of the classpath.
    private static java.util.ArrayList<Level> known = new java.util.ArrayList<Level>();
### result = 1, compiling ./org/jcp/xml/dsig/internal/




### compiling ./sun/rmi/server/
[parsing started ./sun/rmi/server/]
[parsing completed 125ms]
[search path for source files: .]
[search path for class files: ../byjastaddj/build,.,./build,/home/hina/myWork/research/openjdk-,.]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/IOException.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/InputStream.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/ObjectInputStream.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/ObjectStreamClass.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/StreamCorruptedException.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/net/URL.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/security/AccessControlException.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/security/Permission.class]
[loading ./java/rmi/server/]
[parsing started ./java/rmi/server/]
[parsing completed 13ms]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/ObjectInput.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/DataInput.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/lang/Object.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/ObjectStreamConstants.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/io/Closeable.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/util/Map.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/lang/Runnable.class]
[loading ../byjastaddj/build/java/lang/Class.class]
An exception has occurred in the compiler (1.6.0_20). Please file a bug at the Java Developer Connection ( after checking the Bug Parade for duplicates. Include your program and the following diagnostic in your report. Thank you.


That is, javac fails to load some jastaddj-produced class files.
( I attach the first half of the whole messages (gzipped) to this posting. )

On the contrary, while I use Java7Backend compiler,
if I remove jastaddj-produced class files from the boot class path and
put the OpenJDK-produced class files there,
then I don't see any error messages regarding class loading.

-- Hyunik

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