Re: [Jastadd] [bug report] absence of AbstractWildcardType.createQualifiedAccess()

From: Jesper qvist <>
Date: Fri, 04 May 2012 12:38:55 +0200

This message is just to inform that the proposed fix has been committed
in svn revision 9255.

I ran in to another bug while researching this one that caused
extraneous method accessors to be generated for generic classes. I fixed
that error too, and it should result in marginally less memory used by
JastAddJ when compiling generic classes.


On 04/25/2012 09:47 AM, Jesper qvist wrote:
> Hello Hyunik,
> Thank you for your bug report! I've run your proposed solution through
> our JastAddJ tests and it passes. I will do some more research on this
> bug to verify it, but hopefully I can commit your fix soon!
> /Jesper
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